image by Fiona Lynn Zimmer

Dagan Books publishes a couple of times a year, and usually needs art. Please carefully consider the particular publication to which you are submitting. We’re only interested in looking at the images you are actually submitting for consideration.

There is no upper limit on the number of images we will purchase from any one artist. Feel free to submit a link to your online portfolio or image hosting site, as long as the images you’re showing us are available for sale (if you only do custom work, please note that in your submission).

As of July 2011, our rates are:

For previously published or displayed* interior art, black and white only, worldwide print and e-book rights (exclusive for 6 months, non-exclusive for an additional 30 months):

1/4 page $20
1/2 page $30
full page $50


All fees are in United States funds and are paid within 30 days of publication. We accept art as a digital file, large format, both .jpg and .tiff. We buy print/electronic rights, which does mean that you’re allowed to sell the original piece of art if you wish, as long as you don’t sell the rights to reproduce that art during the time you’ve sold those rights to us.

* Previously displayed includes images used as part of a portfolio (physical or online) but never sold. This includes artists who create several images in hopes of selling them to Dagan Books, without having been specifically asked to submit.

Please direct art portfolios and art-related queries to Galen Dara at: artsubs (at) daganbooks (dot) com

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