Post-Kickstarter Update and Cthulhurotica News

Thank you to all of you who contributed to our Kickstarter and ordered (or preordered) our books and art. We’re going to start rolling out the rewards that are ready (art, plus book orders of Cthulhurotica and IN SITU), but before that those who contributed will receive a “backer survey” in their email asking how they’d like your name to be spelled on our official THANK YOU page on our website. It will also ask how they’d like to get their rewards, and in some cases, which item they chose.

Please fill that out and return it as soon as possible.

If you’re wondering why this update took a few days to assemble …

The day after our Kickstarter ended, the ladies of Vaginal Fantasy (a book club hosted by Geek and Sundry) chose Cthulhurotica as their official book pick for September. This means that Felicia Day, Veronica Belmon t, Bonnie Burton and Kiala Kazebee will be reading our book this month, and discussing it with their viewers and fans on September 25 at 8pm Pacific time via a live chat.

The announcement was a surprise to us, and we’ve spent the last few days handling orders, answering emails, and being giddy.

If you’d like to know more, or get in on the Goodreads forum discussions, please see our blog post about it here:

We’ll be in touch soon!

Carrie Cuinn, Publisher

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