Interview: Greg Burch (IN SITU)

Name: Greg Burch

Age: 25

Author of: “In The Grid: The Assemblage of the Aelioan”

Geographic Location: Missoula, MT

Original Hometown: Lewistown, MT

Recent publications: This is my first.

Do you think alien life exists in the Universe? Absolutely.  If we’re discovering new life forms on this planet, all the time, the possibility increases off-planet, all the time.

If you could travel off Earth, would you? What if it meant you could never come back? Certainly.  I like traveling, and interstellar traveling would be even more fascinating, for the potential of seeing things no one else has ever seen.

What inspired your piece? A project my speculative creative group and I are working on that involves telepathy.

What music or movies helped you to write this essay? None are really applicable, though I listen to the Requiem for a Dream and Godfather soundtracks, frequently, while writing.

How many rewrites did you do before submitting? One.

What is your favorite bit?

Donald Parkinson tries to grab a trowel. He is bound and determined to revisit the site, to grab more bones and look for any other physical evidence he could possibly find. In his haste, gravity – and perhaps fate – intervene. He trips, the trowel pointing upward in his clenched fist, his soft flesh falling onto its hardened steel and!

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