Interview: Sarah Hendrix (IN SITU)

Name: Sarah Hendrix is the name I was born with, Shadow is the name most the online world knows.

Age: Hmmm… knowledge of my 4th decade is fast approaching; let’s not talk about age please.

Author of: “Rachel’s Journal”

Current Geographic Location: Mid-Missouri

Original Hometown: Richland

Twitter: @shadowflame1974


Recent publications: This is my 1st print publication.

Do you think alien life exists in the Universe? Of course it does. Why should we be so naive to think our world is the only one? Life exists in many forms, some still unrecognizable to us.  It is out there.

If you could travel off Earth, would you? What if it meant you could never come back? I don’t think so.  There is so much to see here, to experience. One lifetime doesn’t seem enough.

What inspired your story? I did quite a bit of research in what would happen if a planetoid meteoroid passed close to Earth.  I switched to damage done by reversing the magnetic poles and that flowed into weather effects and volcanoes.  In short, I wanted a complete and total natural disaster, I think I found it.

What music or movies helped you to write? I couldn’t write to my usual music, but then someone suggested some very dark music.  If you’ve ever listened to SunnO)) you know what I mean by dark.  It got me thinking of alien worlds and deep space.  The rest is on the page.

How many rewrites did you do before submitting? About 6, I think.  The first three never made it to the end.  Once I hit 4, things got better I knew where the story was going. The first drafts look nothing like what I have now.

What is your favorite bit?

Even though she had seen it three million times that evening, Carles let her eyes slowly sweep the room. Though it seemed huge, nearly a half kilometer across, it was actually only about twenty meters wide. The holographic designer had worked wonders replicating the dome. A projection of two crawlers, huge monolithic machines sat near the entrance, their outer shells pocked with dents and roses of rust. The one nearest her was partially disassembled, parts scattered along with authentic replicas of the tools used.

“I hate that I lost the argument about the bodies.”

Aren smiled sympathetically. “Well, mummified remains littering the floor might not make a very comfortable entrance for some.”

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