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We have to admit that around the Dagan Books offices, Twitter is our favorite social media. It offers bite-sized news bits, plus that 140 character limit forces us to be creative in order to be witty. What’s not to love? Sure, not everyone can master the shortest of short forms, but we’re writers and editors and artists. We love a challenge.

We’ll keep this list updated, so be sure to bookmark it for future reference.

Carrie Cuinn, Publisher/Editor/Artist @carriecuinn

Don Pizarro, Editor ( Bibliotheca Fantastica) and Author (Cthulhurotica) @donp

Galen Dara, Art Director @galendara

Andrew M. Kelly, Associate Acquisitions Editor, Short Fiction @a_m_kelly

Kelly C. Stiles, Associate Acquisitions Editor, Novellas, and author (IN SITU) @ladykuro

Other Contributors:

K.V. Taylor, co-Editor for FISH and Author (Inedible SinsCthulhurotica, IN SITU) @hawthornetaylor

Oliver Wetter, cover artist for Cthulhurotica and IN SITU @fantasiox

Camille Alexa, Author (FISH) @camillealexa

Jason Andrew, Author (IN SITU) @jasonbandrew

Richard Baron, Author (Cthulhurotica) @drvollin

M. Bennardo, Author (FISH) @mbennardo

Polenth Blake, Author (FISH) @polenth

Kirsten Brown, Author & Artist (Cthulhurotica) @unknownbinaries

Jennifer Brozek, Essayist (Cthulhurotica) @jenniferbrozek

Greg Burch, Author (IN SITU) @beardedspecfic

Tina Connolly, Author (Bibliotheca Fantastica) @tinaconnolly

Nathan Crowder, Author (Cthulhurotica) @Natecrowder

Shay Darrach, Author (FISH) @tessercat

Amanda C. Davis, Author (FISH) @davisac1

Michael J. DeLuca, Author (Bibliotheca Fantastica) @michaeljdeluca

Paul A. Dixon, Author (IN SITU, FISH) @10khkungfu

Corinne Duyvis, Author (FISH) @corinneduyvis

Mae Empson, Author (Cthulhurotica, IN SITU) @maeempson

Megan Engelhardt @‏MadMerryMeg

Constella Espj, Author (Cthulhurotica) @alphabete

Sam Fleming, Author (FISH) @ravenbait

Andrew S. Fuller, Author (FISH) @andrewsfuller

Cate Gardner, Author (FISH) @categardner

Gabrielle Harbowy, Author (Cthulhurotica) @gabrielle_h

Sarah Hendrix, Author (IN SITU, FISH) @shadowflame1974

R.S. Hunter, Author (IN SITU) @RSHunter88

Ahimsa Kerp, Author (Cthulhurotica) @ahikerp

Travis King, Author (Cthulhurotica) @travisking

Jessie Kwak, Author (FISH) @jkwak

April L’Orange, Author (FISH) @aprilLorange

Claude Lalumière, Author (FISH) @cldllmr

Ken Liu, Author (IN SITU, FISH) @kyliu99

Matthew Marovich, Author (Cthulhurotica) @MattMarovich

T.J. McIntyre, Author (FISH) @southernweirdo

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Author (Cthulhurotica) @silviamg

Timothy Nakayama, Author (FISH) @timothynakayama

Suzanne Palmer, Author (FISH) @zanzjan

Amber Polo, Author (Bibliotheca Fantastica) @amberpolo

Cat Rambo, Author (FISH) @catrambo

Maria Romasco-Moore, Author (FISH) @bettasplenda

Steven J. Scearce, Author (Cthulhurotica) @ShinkaiMaru5

Gord Sellar, Author (Bibliotheca Fantastica) @gordsellar

Alex Shvartsman, Author (IN SITU, FISH) @ashvartsman

Graham Storrs, Author (IN SITU) @graywave

Dawn Vogel, Author (IN SITU) @historyneverwas

Ray Vukcevich, Author (Bibliotheca Fantastica) @rayvuk

Bear Weiter, Author (IN SITU, FISH) @bearthw

David J. West, Author (IN SITU) @David_JWest

A.C. Wise, Author (Bibliotheca Fantastica) @ac_wise

Madison Woods, Author (Cthulhurotica) @madison_woods

Mjke Wood, Author (FISH) @mjkew

Contributors not on this list do not currently have a Twitter profile. If you should be on this list but aren’t, please let us know.

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  1. Oh this is great, as I had decided I wanted to get some contact details for some of those on the list here – excellent stuff!:-)

  2. Add me to the list, please! R.L. Naquin, Author (FISH) @rlnaquin

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