NEW ANTHOLOGY: Bibliotheca Fantastica opens for submissions Dec 15, 2011

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing a new anthology for 2012, edited by Don Pizarro! With an original cover by Art Director Galen Dara, and a commitment to bringing the same kind of diversity and originality that you’ve come to expect from our publications, we are sure this anthology will be wonderful. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of it? Details are below:

Bibliotheca Fantastica

What we want: Stories having to do with lost, rare, weird, or imaginary books, or any aspect of book history or book culture, past, present, future, or uchronic. Any genre. Although the fantastical is not essential per se, stories should evoke a sense of the fantastic, the unknown, the weird, wonder, terror, mystery, pulp, and/or adventure, etc.

Originals only, no reprints. No simultaneous submissions. Prose fiction only (no poetry). Accepting stories of up to 10,000 words in length. We will accept two submissions per author.

Do not describe the story in your cover letter. Please put the word count on the first page of your submission. Please format italics in italics (no underline).

We will accept submissions from December 15, 2011, at noon EST, to midnight EST on March 31, 2012. We are taking submissions through an automated system that will not allow you to submit before December 15, but the link to do so will appear here:

Dagan Books is paying 2 cents per word for each accepted story, plus contributor copies. Bibliotheca Fantastica will be available in both print and ebook, and is scheduled to be published Fall 2012.

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  1. Hi there. I have two questions to ask you that weren’t touched upon in this post or your “Answers To Some Questions About Our Submissions Process” post.

    1.) Is there an age limit to submitting? I’m 17 years old, and I was wondering if I could submit one of my short stories as a minor.

    2.) You said you don’t want any reprints, just original stories only. I’m still relatively new to submitting stories, so I was wondering if posting your story on a personal blog and then submitting that story to you guys counted as a reprint.

    I just wanted to be absolutely sure before thinking about sending it in. Thanks and much appreciated.

    • 1) You need to be of legal age to sign a contract. If, in your state or country, 17 is a legal adult, then you’re fine. If not, we’d have to look at our options.

      2) Posting a story online does count as publication, I’m afraid.

      I suggest that you submit your work, including this information in your cover letter, and let the editors decide if your story meets their needs.

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