Kickstarter Update: Final Stretch Goal and a (different) Special Reward

We did it! We raised enough to produce a series of four novellas in 2013. Thank you, so much, for all of your support.

We have, as of this moment, 69 hours left in our Kickstarter, and we want to use that time to fund more art. More interior art in our books, more money to our artists. If you haven’t ordered through our Kickstarter yet, and would like to support our art and artists, please do so now.

To celebrate the last days of our Kickstarter, our own Kelly Stiles (author and slush reader) has put together a beautiful hand-made journal….

Edited to add: That reward was claimed within 10 minutes. So here’s another one – how would you like to be written into a story by author and editor Carrie Cuinn? For an example of that, see her story “Mrs. Henderson’s Cemetery Dance” available to read free from Red Penny Papers.

For only $100 each, two lucky people will be forever immortalized in fiction. It could be you.

To get this unique reward, or to order any of our books and art, act fast. The clock is ticking down …

Pledge to our Kickstarter here

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